• Vinyl 700 Series
  • Fiberglass 3500 Series
  • Superior Quality
  • Energy Efficient - Energy Star Rated
  • Designed for Arctic Temperatures
  • Manufactured in Fairbanks, Alaska


Vinyl 700 Series

  • Energy Efficient
  • Triple pane LoE Glass
  • Argon Fill
  • Multi-Chambered Frame
  • Welded Corners
  • Maintenance Free
  • Continuous Weather-strips
  • Heavy Duty Truth Hardware
  • Standard Nail Fin
  • Custom Colors
  • CAS/AWN U-Value 0.21 (R4.76)
  • Picture U-Value 0.19 (R-5.26)

Fiberglass 3500 Series

  • Heavy Duty Structural Fiberglass
  • Chemically Bonded Corners
  • No Mechanical Corner Fasteners
  • 3-1/4 Frame Depth
  • 1-3/8 Triple Pane Glazing
  • Heavy Duty Truth Hardware
  • Tenacious Screw Retention System
  • Foam Insulated Frame
  • Santoprene Weather-stripping
  • LoE Triple pane with Argon
  • Custom Colors
  • CAS/Awning U-Value 0.20 (R-5)
  • Picture Window U-Value 0.15 (R-6.67)

Hoffer Glass' Exclusive Arctic Window - NORDIC WINDOWS

Nordic Windows is Hoffer Glass' exclusive arctic window and is manufactured locally in Fairbanks, Alaska. Nordic Windows are built for Alaska's arctic cold and designed for Energy Efficiency. Energy efficiency equals energy savings.

We understand living in an arctic environment requires an air tight and energy efficient product. A good quality window in the North needs to work properly, provide light, ventilation, security, and prevent heat loss and air infiltration. Each Nordic Window is custom built to the customer's specifications letting you choose the styles that work best for you. We manufacture casement, awning, and picture windows in double or triple pane with Low E glazing and argon gas, which is suited for our cold Northern climates.

Nordic Vinyl 700 Series and Nordic Fiberglass 3500 Series

Nordic Windows are available as vinyl or fiberglass in a multitude of design choices, providing superior quality, and long lasting performance. Hoffer Glass carries the Nordic Vinyl 700 Series and Nordic Fiberglass 3500 Series.

Hoffer Glass is committed to giving our customers the highest quality vinyl window possible. Vinyl windows are a great choice because they are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. With Nordic vinyl windows you will keep the cold out, save energy, and reduce messy condensation. Our Nordic Windows are the only locally manufactured vinyl windows in the interior, giving our customers fast, reliable service.

Nordic Windows can improve the appearance and value of your home. Our white and almond frames are not only appealing but very high quality that will last for years to come. Nordic Window frames will not fade or peel and are resistant to damage from the sun, humidity and salt, making them very low maintenance. Our Nordic Windows feature top of the line Truth hardware providing you with a durable, dependable window that will operate trouble-free year round. For more information about Nordic Windows stop by our showroom or give us a call. Our experienced staff will be happy to help you.