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At Hoffer Glass, we have a different view for the way the window business should be run. We believe you should have access to all of the top quality styles and brands across the country.  Pair that with our commitment to customer service, sustainable practices and wide variety of window styles that fit all of your design needs, and you’ll get the right window for every project and every budget.

Whether it’s our locally made Nordic vinyl and fiberglass windows or a product from one of our trusted vendors, Hoffer Glass knows the challenges of life in the Interior and our products attest to that.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are an excellent insulator, vinyl will help lower heating and cooling costs while keeping your home comfortable in any season. Colors are engineered into the vinyl for long-lasting beauty, color retention and minimal window maintenance. Advanced color techniques provide an expanded color palette to enhance your home’s overall style. Vinyl withstands harsh weather conditions season after season, year after year. Premium vinyl resists deterioration, decay and damaging insect infestation. Vinyl windows are virtually maintenance free.

Premium vinyl used to craft windows is durable and easy to maintain. The thermal performance of vinyl is superior to many other window materials which means greater energy efficiency. Vinyl’s base color is solid through and through for maintenance-free beauty. And new color options allow you to combine dark exterior colors with neutral interiors to complement your home, inside and out.

At Hoffer Glass we locally manufacture our Nordic Vinyl Windows. Our windows are custom built for living in the Interior and keeping the harsh cold out of your home in the winter. We stand behind our product and warranty our windows and glass. Along with our Nordic windows we supply Ply Gem, Milgard, and Koltech vinyl windows.

Our Vinyl Window Vendors

Kohltech Series

Kohltech series of windows features outstanding craftsmanship, energy efficiency, innovation and value. Kohltech offers a variety of window styles, glass, hardware and colors. They also make tilt turn windows as well as casement, awnings, single/double hungs and sliders.

Ply Gem Pro Series

Ply Gem Pro Series Windows with looks that last and styles that stand out. Their extensive product line provides you with the choices you want and the custom solutions you need. Designed to be energy-efficient and virtually maintenance free.

ProVia Aeris Series

ProVia’s Aeris custom home replacement windows come in a variety of styles, colors and options. All Aeris windows are available with real oak, cherry or maple wood interiors and vinyl exteriors.

Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass window frames are essentially composed of glass fibers and resin, materials that expand and contract very little with temperature changes in the weather. Stronger than vinyl, more affordable than clad wood, they stand out for their strength, low upkeep, and good looks. It’s stiffer and lighter than wood, as low-maintenance as vinyl, and unaffected by water or temperature fluctuations.

Most parts for a fiberglass window are fabricated by pultrusion. In this automated process, lengths of fiberglass roving and strand mat are bathed in a resin, covered with a fiberglass veil, and pulled into a heated die that hardens the resin. (Separate dies are used for each window part.) The smooth, rigid lineal that emerges from the die is then typically cut to length, coated, and fitted with hidden nylon-reinforced corner blocks. When screwed and glued together, lineals and blocks form tight, clean, nearly indestructible joints.

Our Fiberglass Window Vendors

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Wood Windows

Wood windows are a light, strong, and attractive material. It’s an excellent insulator, it’s moderately priced, and it can be milled into an unlimited array of shapes and profiles. Plus, with a bit of regular care, it’ll last indefinitely. Wood windows are more easily customized than vinyl windows. This is because they can be painted or stained.

Wood windows give you endless capabilities to replicate intricate architectural details with divided lite profiles and patterns with options for aesthetic and energy efficient glass.

While wood requires more upkeep than both vinyl and fiberglass. Our vendors address the required upkeep by providing the option of cladding the wood with vinyl or aluminum. The result is a tough, maintenance-free exterior and a natural-wood interior that you can paint or stain. These advantages mean clad-wood windows usually cost more than ordinary wood.

Our Wood Window Vendors

Kolbe Heritage Series

Kolbe Ultra Series

ProVia Aeris Series

Hoffer supplied all of the windows for our house. We are very pleased with the windows, and especially pleased with the post-installation service.

Hoffer supplied all of the windows for our house. We are very pleased with the windows, and especially pleased with the post-installation service.

Doug B.

Storm Panels

Storm panels offer a cost-effective alternative to total window replacement. Older and non-insulated windows are a primary source of heat loss in the home. Adding storm windows over existing windows reduces energy loss, to create a more energy-efficient and comfortable home.